New Poetic Teaser:

New Poetic Teaser:

As of today (October 8, 2021), I have posted a new poem as a teaser to a book that is intended to be published known as the “Impetus to Inanity”. More teasers are to come out, but a publish date on the book has not yet been set. The date will be posted as soon as the time frame is known. Until then, you are free to check out the teaser for thew new book by looking at just some of the poems that will be in the book. The link to the poem is below!

This poem, was made with a special someone in mind. I don’t typically share what a poem is about primarily because I like to mystery to it and the ability for people to translate a poem to how it suits them. There are occasions though, where the intent of a poem will be shared along with the idea it is made to express. This poem was made after finding someone I now hold dear after experiencing different versions of both love and hate. I was told by someone once, that you could never fall in love because you can never mutually fall into hate.

Funny thing, one of my favorite thing about words and phrases is the truth that mans words as a means of naming and defining things does not dictate the universe. It is the universe, and the need for man to understand it, that dictates mans words. So, although you can never fall into an emotion realistically, the saying about “falling in love” is just a saying and means of expression for romanticists and people who experience a new found emotion surrounding another being.

So now, if that same person were to tell me you could not fall in love because you cannot fall in hate, I would say “WRONG! Technically speaking, if you can fall into love you can also fall into hate! Physically speaking, it is impossible to fall into either because it is not a tangible thing. But, when phrases and ideas are concerned, one can describe the feeling of intense hate and love as ‘falling into it’ due to it being sudden or intense…”

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